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If you're a sports fan, you're a stats fan. We can't talk about sports without talking about stats. That's how we remember our favorite teams and players, how we measure them against the past. Chartball posters -- part wall art, part team history -- take all those statistics and form them into glossy posters that tell the history of the teams and seasons we'll never forget. Guaranteed* to be a unique treat for any superfan.

*Guarantee is not guaranteed. But we're pretty sure.
About Chartball and Andrew
I make data visualizations — often about sports, but really about anything. Formerly @NYT and @WSJ, now I'm working on my own projects at, my design studio in Rahway, New Jersey. I've been doing work like this long enough to find stories (and sometimes art) in just about any set of data. It's challenging and rewarding work, and I'm always excited to talk about it. I've been happy to share the results with other superfans, who have been receptive and, honestly, demanding more all the time. Trying to keep up has led me to lots of new ideas and I've got a backlog of teams and sports I hope to take on next. Check back, or follow us on Twitter (@chartball) to keep up with the latest.
Freelance, consulting
Are we available for hire? Possibly, yes. We do work with clients who have deep data sets that need to be expressed visually. But we don't have time to take on every project, so we try to prioritize things that inspire us, or might inspire others. Send Andrew an e-mail to start the discussion.
How soon will my order ship?
Orders are normally processed and shipped within 2 business day. We ship with FedEx or USPS Priority Mail, so your order should arrive 3-5 business days later. If you don't receive your order in the allotted time, please let us know. Please note that international orders can take more time.
Can I send a poster as a gift?
Sure. We don't include a receipt anyway (you'll get that electronically). If you want, include your name in the address (From: Your Name).
What is your return policy?
We offer a full refund on the cost of any poster that is returned to us in new condition. We cannot refund shipping costs.
Praise for Chartball:
"One of our favorite infographic-poster companies... Stunning new poster... The details are superb." -- Fast Company's Infographics Blog
"The longer one studies the chart, the better the memories of the drama and the euphoria from each game in the tournament." --
A "Stunning Season in One Image" -- Popular Science
"You could spend hours with any one of his poster-sized summaries of a single sports team’s season. And as you absorb the data, the season actually comes to life. You can see, touch and feel the texture of the season. Star players pop out. Winning streaks emerge and fade back to normality. And, best of all, the data sub-plots relate to each other, adding insight and suggesting causation as well as correlation." -- Velocity partners
"It’s really something to behold and in my opinion, it’s an incredibly unique way to remember the Giants historic run." -- Frisco Fastball
"Calling all sports nerds! You need to check out and their amazingly designed info-graphics; charting championship seasons... These posters are visual candy for graphic designers & sports fans alike. " -- Epidemik Coalition
"One of my favorite data journalism projects is Andrew Garcia Phillips’ work on Chartball. Andrew is a huge sports fan with a voracious appetite for data, a terrific eye for design, and the capacity to write code. With Chartball he visualizes not only the sweep of history, but details the success and failures of individual players and teams. He makes context, he makes an inviting graphic, and his work is deep and fun and interesting—and I don’t even care much for sports!" -- The Data Journalism Handbook
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Chartball is produced by Andrew Garcia Phillips for AGP Creative. All rights reserved.