What is this?
We identified the top Tweeters in the sports universe, about 4,000 in all, to see how they fit together. Starting with a handful of major sports voices and identifying accounts connected to them, we filtered those results and repeated the process until the universe became clear. (Data was collected in Sept. 2011).

By clicking on a circle, you can see which users in this universe follow a given Tweeter. Size of the circle gives an indication of the impact each Tweeter has -- factoring in followers within this group, frequency of status updates, and followers overall. Position of each circle is calculated with a program called Cytoscape which pulls the connected users toward one another and pushes them apart if they are not connected. The resulting picture groups communities together.

Consider it a first draft. If you notice a user we've forgotten, or one that slipped by our filters, please let us know. We'll try to add them for the next version, which we hope to make before the end of the year. Please note we have excluded users with fewer than 1,500 followers. Sorry if that leaves you out (don't feel bad, it leaves Chartball out, too!).

Thanks for taking a look... Andrew Garcia Phillips, Chartball.com
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